Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am sad, as usual, to see September arrive. Summer is by far my happiest time. I enjoy every bit of everything it offers and try and absorb every second- from Memorial Day until that very last degree of warmth disappears. I can happily say, that I succeeded at that this summer and still have a few more weeks of possible last-minute beach days and cookouts. I took these photos this weekend of my daughter on the farm property behind our house, she's just so happy to run and be free.

The summer days are fading, as they must

From endless hours to short and fleeting light

The bird's once bright, immortal tune, now cries

A melancholy aura to the dusk

The children fiercely climb, and dream, and race

Before their wild and unchained days depart

And yet beneath the zeal lies a half heart

For there isn't time, there's only enough space

The sun seems low, a hazy orange sphere

Now reminiscing sweetly of the days

When endlessly before you summer lay

And as in the deep, crimson dusk you stir

Your soul joins with the birds in wistful brood

Crying for lost summer days, for childhood

By: Shannon Georgia Schaubroeck

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  1. well said kel. i'm hopeful there is at least one or two more beach weekend days left, and I'll continue to bbq until the first snow fall, that's why you have fire pits and sweatshirts, right?