Monday, October 4, 2010

Under the Sea

In 1985, I was 7 years old. My cousin, sister and I used to sit in the TV room in my cousins basement, squeezed together in the old recliner watching movies, acting them out, giggling away. By far, our favorite was "Splash". We would watch it countless times, we had it memorized. And I was mesmerized. Swimming under the sea alongside turtles and fish with a tail and long beautiful wavy hair swirling around my face. Finding a special hideaway in a sunken ship... it was my obsession and before long, I was braiding my hair at night so that I would wake up with wavy locks just like Madison.

This obsession has never quite gone away. My daughter's first halloween costume was a mermaid. I am now a certified scuba diver- I even went diving where some Splash scenes were made, with the same dive company that was part of the film. Every time I am under the water, I have to smile to myself.

A friend posted a link to a blog about a girl named Kariel who is obsessed with mermaids. So much, that she decided to make her own tail and try out the lifestyle. I love her photos and reading about her endeavors as a mermaid. Not to mention, her tail is beautiful- she spent 5 months making it. I finally found someone who shares the same obsession and I am vicariously living through her! Next time I am in Hawaii, I will be sure to keep an eye out for blonde hair and a blue fin.

Visit Kariel's website here.


  1. oh kel, that just brought such a smile to my face. such a great movie! and i used to pretend swim at the pool, at the lake in maine-the lake was probably my favorite b/c it had a rock i could perch on.
    probably got a lot of people wondering what the weird little girl was doing!

    btw-my friends mom is obsessed too. their entire house in the cape is full of mermaid paraphernalia, from spoon rests to towel hooks!

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