Sunday, October 24, 2010

IMX Pilates

I have come to the conclusion that I hate gyms. I have been a member of several. I go, I run, I lift weights, I people watch, I stare at the clock, I look for any excuse to cut my visit short and go home. There is something about the hum of people on treadmills, all in their own zone that makes me instantly discouraged when I walk in. No one is friendly, if anything they are sizing you up as you jump on the machine next to them or while you fill your water bottle.

Which is why I was very interested when I drove by a brand new building in Guilford that was to be the new home of IMX Pilates Studio. So convenient to where I live, I was hoping this would be the answer to my gym-hating problems.

I attended the open house that was held and was greeted by friendly people eager to explain how the different memberships worked and what IMX pilates was all about. They had an amazing spread of food, some raffles and people showing how the IMX reformer machines worked. But the thing that I couldn't get over, was the design of the studio. Hardwood floors, rattan chairs, a crystal chandelier, a trickling waterfall, wood shutter lockers, framed prints of Marilyn Monroe exercising, huge beautiful mirrors that lean against the walls... this was like working out in a spa.

I joined. No more monthly "donations" to a gym. This is a place I actually enjoy going to.